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Consider reducing the stagger between the rotors by 1 or 2 more inches. This will reduce the arms of the hub by the same amount, which will improve the aesthetics and align the control rods a little closer to the mast angles.

Consider (a little) the idea of having 4 blades per rotor.~ April 9, 2004


Tri-teetering rotor hub; with offset and undersling,

 Working Papers:






Secondary Group:



Design information related to the disks and blade interaction.




There is no total rotor assembly since the blades are not included in the Principal Assembly.








Tri-teetering hub.


Blade - General (all blades):


Info. common to all Dragonfly blades.

 1. 2.

Blade - 0012 - Wood & Glass:

Chord: - 4.75"

Span: - 8' - 0" radius ~ For prototyping only.


Blade - VR-7b - Composite:

Chord: - 4.75" @ .75R

Span: - 8' - 0" radius


Blade - 8-H-12 - Aluminum:

Chord: - 4.75"

Span: - 8' - 0" radius ~ For prototyping only.

    1. These are the blade that are being considered for the initial testing of the Dragonfly tri-teetering hub(s).
    2. Purchase spruce planks. Machine them to crudely to a NACA 0012 profile. Slot the leading edge and bond in a steel flat bar. Reinforce the root end with a few layers of fiberglass.

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