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For an engine that may be somewhat interchangeable with an electric motor see the Rotapower engine at: Freedom Motors. Also see this sites web page;

See the interesting and positive information on and linked to by the PPRuNe thread; http://www.pprune.org/forums/showthread.php?t=226770



The carburetor should (must) be located in an area of higher pressure.

Jabiru 2000

Only a few people know details about the Jabiru 2000 engine. No wonder since the engine which has been developed in Australia will give its debut at the AERO. Very few units are flying in Europe yet. However, this could change fast since the 80 hp air-cooled four-cylinder has distinctive advantages: Itís light weight (56 kg) and its low price of approximately DM 13000 (plus tax). The manufacturer guarantees an overhaul cost of only 3200 Mark. The TBO is still at 800 hours, but is supposedly to be raised to 1000 hours by the end of this year.

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Consider using a turbine. Amongst other things it may provide better efflux for; yaw, forward thrust and change in pitching moment upon loss of engine.

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